About Us

Established in March 2019 by film producer and financier David Brown, Clear Horizon is a Los Angeles-based finance, production, international sales, and distributor dedicated to delivering high caliber content to audiences worldwide.

Our Story

Independent producer David Brown formed international sales and production venture Clear Horizon.

Brown was executive producer on the Julianne Moore-Michelle Williams remake After The Wedding and line producer on Finding Steve McQueen starring Travis Fimmel, Rachael Taylor and Forest Whitaker.

As someone who began as a production assistant and worked his way up to a producer and financier, David understands the realities of production from start to distribution that few people can who have not put in the work.

“With over a decade in the industry, I’ve taken my experiences to form a new type of sales agency. An agency with the directive of inclusion. Inclusion not only in the workplace but in the content we deliver.” said Brown.

Although Clear Horizon produces and distributes content across the spectrum, Brown pays special attention to bringing financing and his production expertise to first-time writer/director projects that would otherwise never be made.

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